Monday, 21 May 2012

Some more Fantasy Shopping...

I got the date for when I can start my new job Woohoo! so I allowed myself to do some more fantasy shopping, so I have a nice little shopping list for when I get paid! ^_^

^First up Is this awesome dress I found on Lipsy! I just love the style, and the cool pink belt!^

^This is another one from Lipsy, I love the colours, its so different^

^Okay, so my boyfriend calls me Sweetpea (hence my blog name!) and I found this necklace on Etsy and absolutely LOVE it!^

^I also found this bracelet which is so sweet too!^

I will be adding more to my Fantasy shopping soon! 

R x

Friday, 11 May 2012

In the Garden!

We decided to put Dodge outside with our tortoise Button (while the rain stayed away!), he liked to sniff her alot, but that was about it :-) 

Dodge's new friend Button :-) just chilling! 
Dodge has a little sniff.
Going on an adventure together. Were off to see the wizard! 

So while I was taking these photos of dodge and Button, I noticed a little nest of spiders!

Not all of them have hatched yet, but there sure are alot! 

I would hate to poke it! they would run everywhere!

I tried to get in real close, by doing so I feel so awfully itchy :( 

Walking along the tightrope ^_^ 

I took advantage of the not so rainy weather, and got some good shots of the Dodge, Button, and the bazillion of baby spiders!

R x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

'Slammed' by Colleen Hoover

I absolutely LOVE my kindle! And have so many amazing authors! So I thought that weekly I could add a book review, so all of you guys won't miss out on these wonderful books!

So this week I have read Colleen Hoover's series, 'Slammed', the second book in the series is called 'Point of Retreat'.

Now I don't want to give too much away, but 'Slammed' is about a girl called Layken and her family, who have to move across country after the death of her father, her outlook on life is anything but hopeful. Until she meets a neighbour called Will, who bring this shining light of hope back into her life, until they both realise something which will cause them to choose, their head or heart? After Layken settles down, she finds out another big revelation, which turns her world upside down.

This book is amazing, it made me laugh out loud, cry, and get angry (my boyfriend thought I was crazy sitting there shouting at my kindle haha!)

It's the kind of book which will stay with you for a long time afterwards, I love that a book can make you feel all these emotions! The second book in the series is just as good.

So basically, go to amazon, go buy it, read it, and you will never forget it!

R x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pretty Pictures!

Well, I decided to take advantage of the nice sunny weather this afternoon, and took a wonder around a field near my house with my camera! 


A fly just chilling in the sun! 

Dandelion looking so fluffy...

....and then the wind blew some of the seeds off! 

I hope the lovely weather stays for at least a couple of days! :-) 

R x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Many Faces of Dodge ^_^

The Many Faces Of Dodge 
(3/4 Jack Russell 1/4 Corgi)

When he was about 3months old!

I taught him to sit at an early age! 

Looking cute on my trampoline! 

Just chilling out on this piece of wood! 

Now about 6 months old ^_^ 


More pictures to come! 

R x

Is something free, to good to be true?

Right guys, I will try not to rant too much! But as a fellow photographer this rather agitated me. 

About a month ago I got a call from SnappySnaps, telling me that I had 'Won' competition I had entered for a 'Free' photo-shoot (I get 1 free photo!), so obviously this would get me a tad excited (plus I rarely win anything). 

So me and my boyfriend went a week later to  have the photo-shoot. The lady was kind of nice, despite her saying "whisper dirty things in his ear" which made me feel mega uncomfortable. We got into it, and booked to come back a week later for a viewing. 

So a week later, It was time for the viewing, the lady forgot we was even booked in for one (now this seems a tad weird considering, she was ringing me when I was 5 minutes late for the shoot). 
We then had to wait for everything to be loaded which took about 10 minutes. As we were looking through the photos, we decided ones we didn't want, while she tried to tell us they were good...anyways cut a long story short, she was very rude when we decided we only wanted to buy one (of course still getting our free one aswell!) and tried getting us to buy more, I totally understand this is her job, but you don't get all unfriendly because your customer doesn't want to buy your products right there and then (or at all). 

When we finally got the photo and the free one (although this also was major effort, it took longer than said, and I wasted time keep going up to the shop!) the photos were a tad blurry and not worth £30. 

Now I am a photographer, I sell my own photos, I dont appreciate basically being taken for a fool, because she thinks I have no idea how it all works. 

I still had to edit it when scanned in to my computer. 

So to all you girls&guys out there, don't give in when someone is forcing you to buy something which you do not want to! Smile and politely decline ^_^ 

R x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fantasy Shopping

Ok, so you know when you have no money in the bank, but you really really want to do some shopping, and you can't help but search your favourite clothes/shoe websites... 

Well...this is what I ended up doing, I really wish I didn't because I have found sooo many awesome things (ok mostly shoes!) that I cannot buy (yet...but I will own these!) 

These are from Iron Fist, you can get them online from Schuh, I just love the design and the cute little ankle strap! 

Also from Iron fist I found these... 

I could not get enough of the Iron Fist shoes! 

I thought these were pretty awesome too, very british! 

So you guessed it I absolutely love a good pair of heels! (my boyfriend is 6ft 4, whilst I'm 5ft...I need the extra height!) Obviously I will have to wait...But I can still keep my shopping list growing ^_^

R x